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We offer 2 diferent types of boilies in two forms: FREEZER (must be kept in the freezer) and SHELF LIFE (preserved with addition of a low level of food grade preservative). Both available in 20mm.

Squid is complete HNV food bait covered with all levels of FLAA ( first limiting amino acids). Extreme levels of fishmeals combined with CPSP90, deffated soya protein, milk powder to provide fat contact and pallability, yeasts, blend of seeds and seaweed for optimal digestion and water penetration. Rounded with Liver hydrolysate and salmon oil with addition of squid extract powder, low levels of squid and liver flavouring making it the best choice where highest quality bait is needed.

Hillbilly is a bait designed for cold water when fish can’t deal with high protein food. Low protein, high carbohydrate and fibre content is why even in cold water fish can deal with high volume of this type of bait. Loaded with rough tigernut meal, hydrolysed milk proteins, mix of 4 low fat nut meals and peanut protein. Mix of brocacel and beer yeast is also used for digestion and vitamin profile. Kelp, birdfoods and tigernut meal helping with break down time in cold water and digestion. As for liquid part, 2 different active hydrolysates and CSL liquid are used, all three being high in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and natural sugars. Combined with alcohol based flavours for faster leakage in cold water, special milk palatant and sweetener for sweet taste profile.

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