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Soluble boilies

Soluble boilies

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Soluble boilies have taken their part in the last couple of years, the effect of them proving to be absolutely deadly especially in high stock waters.

Now to the interesting part and why they are so effective. With addition of a few hardeners the base mix is identical to a normal boilies. Liquid egg part is completely replaced with syrup high in startch and sugars with addition of high levels of hydrolysate liquids like liver or wheat hydro. Because these boilies are not cooked a couple of additional low heat tolerant additives are used, without being exposed to heat from cooking/steaming meaning they will not be destroyed in the proces and they can be used in maximum effect. As result of only air drying, boilies have much harder texture, excellent for use in throwing stick. Depending on water temperature, only couple of hours are needed for them to break down into powder, releasing maximum attaction with almost no food content.

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